Gates of the Heart

July 14, 2009


Last time, I asked if you could relate to knowing that your heart was blocked. I wonder if you can, if you have had experiences in your life which have closed your heart. Mine involved childhood trauma of which I never healed until the age of 55 or so. Up until that time, more and more pain kept being heaped upon my heart and the gate of my heart closed to protect me from the immense pain I experienced.

Then, I became involved in a way of life that allowed me to look at the pain with support. I read a ton about Adult Children of Alcoholics and Abusive Parents and learned where my traits originated and how they manifested in current day. Through the process of examining myself, I discovered the parts of my character that were flawed and the parts of me that caused damage to others. I learned to turn to a power greater than myself to help me let go of these things and it worked! Or, I should say, worked and is still working.

I have deviated from my discussion about my gates, but this is an important topic, the heart. Can you speak of where your heart has been closed in your life and how you have dealt with that? Let me discuss this a bit next time and then I will return to my gates. :-))


Why Photograph Wrought Iron Gates?

July 12, 2009

I am a photographer and when people ask what I photograph, they are expecting I will say weddings, or that I do portraits. But I photographs gates… wrought iron gates. Why? Because they speak to me.

For me, gates are portals, openings into a world of healing, a reflection of a personal journey, a walk along my spiritual path. I discovered this passion quite by accident.

Sitting on a boat in Northern California, I looked across the bay and realized there was a community there which I had never visited. So, I decided to visit. There I discovered my gates sitting on the properties of grand and aged mansions, quietly unused. I fell in love with the reflection of light on the wrought iron and the lush foliage.

I walked for hours and hours, day after day, photographing the gates. Soon, they began to represent the parts of my heart that were closed, and I was searching for a way through. Is this something you can relate to? Have you ever found your heart closed?